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The basic principles which you should remember being the User of the application and web services comprising the platform:

  1. use hard-to-guess passwords;
  2. do not disclose your login and password to anyone;
  3. regularly change password to the Services;
  4. in the event of disclosing a password, change it immediately. applies professional and modern methods of equipment and program protections, however, safety of all activities on the Internet depends strongly on your care for protection of a device from which you are logging in to the service.

Don't forget about it!

  1. Use antivirus programs with valid virus database and personal firewall. In this way you will secure your device against network interference on the part of unwanted persons or programs.
  2. Protect your operating system and web browser, through installation of up-to-date fixes and updates published by manufacturers of the software you are using.
  3. Do not install any programs received by e-mail or downloaded from websites if you do not know the sources of their origin.
  4. Never save passwords in text files as the access to your device by third parties will be equivalent to making data of the Services available.

The recommendations and suggestions presented above should be treated only as general recommendations with regard to safety.

Data transmission encryption

Your login and password to the Services of are protected by the SSL 3.0 protocol which uses key of recommended minimum length of 128 bits. In addition, through the protocol itself, all activities you perform after logging into the website are secured.


The safety certificate confirms the correctness of encrypted transmissions.

Anyone may independently verify the correctness of the encrypted connection with the Services comprising The easiest way to reach the certificate data is to double click an encrypted connection icon located in the bottom right corner of browser's window or on its address bar (padlock icon).

After clicking the icon, you can verify whether the connection is encrypted using a certificate issued for domain.

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