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How does it work?


Health condition monitoring

Mobile applications allow your Patients to effectively self-control by analysing the entered results and other key parameters of the illness.

How it works

Constant access to information

All information collected by the Patients is protected and available online from any place whenever you need them.

How it works

Data sharing

Each Patient may share their personal medical details with the Physician or a medical establishment, to facilitate remote monitoring and management of the illness without the need for frequent medical appointments.

How it works

Result and measurement control

All data collected by the Patients is presented in the form of intuitive charts and statistics, which facilitate quick analysis of results and easy monitoring of trends and deviations.

How it works

Our mHealth solutions

We provide the most advanced solutions for monitoring health condition on-line.

How it works

Your blood pressure under control - advanced system for arterial pressure monitoring. The application enables managing and analysing activity: arterial pressure, drugs taken, weight, pulse, laboratory results, or physical activity.

How it works

Drink water and take care of yourself!

Hydro is an effective support for all illnesses, which require regular hydration or control of ingested fluids. The application reminds about regular water drinking, which enables optimal hydration of your Patients every day.

How it works

Take a deep breath

Asthmo enables easy self-control of all Patients with asthma or other chronic pulmonary illnesses. By online monitoring of key illness parameters, you can more quickly respond to its aggravation and introduce the necessary corrections during treatment.

How it works

Manage your weight

Scaless enables full control over the body weight of your Patients. The application effectively supports setting and daily monitoring of goals, in order to achieve the expected results of decreasing or increasing the target weight.

How it works

Diabetes under control

The platform is an effective tool for self-control for all Patients with diabetes. The application enables support in the managing illness with intuitive charts and statistics, which will make it easy for you to monitor your Patients.


Reduce costs

Reduce the costs of medical appointments and the number of sudden interventions, minimize the need for additional treatments, and, at the same time, increase the number of your Patients.

Save time

Effectively Monitor the health of your Patients, analysing their results in a simple way, and react faster to changes in their health.

Increase effectiveness

Minimize the risk of complications for your Patients, quickly react to changes and deviations of key medical parameters, and ensure effective support in emergency situations.





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